MP24015 Murray 15/240/15 Triplex MP Circuit Breaker

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  • MP24015 Murray 15/240/15 Triplex MP Circuit Breaker
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Type MH-T triplex circuit breakers are 2 inches wide and consist of (1) 2-pole and (2) 1-pole breakers. 2-pole constructions range from 15-50 amps and are available with internal common trip.

All type MH-T circuit breakers are plug-in style and load terminals are provided with the units. They are rated for 120/240V AC and are calibrated for 40C maximum ambient applications. The standard interrupting rating is 10k AIC.

  • MP24015
  • Murray Brand
  • MH-T Triplex Breaker, (1) 2-Pole 40A & (2) 1-Poles 15A
  • Common Trip
  • 10k AIC Interrupting Rating
  • Wire Range: #8 - #6 Cu.,  #8 - #4 Al.
  • Murray MP Type Circuit Breaker

*Note: The 1-pole circuit breakers are always 15 or 20 amp. Example: The MP24015 is (1) 2-pole, 40 amp and (2) 1-pole, 15 amp.

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