HOML2125 Square D 2P 125A Sub-Feed Lug Kit SQD Homeline

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  • HOML2125
  • Circuit Breaker Sub-Feed Lug
  • Square D Homeline
  • 2-Pole 125-Amp Sub-Feed Lug Kit
  • SQD Accessory Plug-On Sub-Feed Lug
  • 2P 125A Main Lug Kit SQD Accessory
  • 2 spaces required
  • 1 Phase Plug-on Subfeed Lugs
  • * May plug on two adjacent spaces.


Can subfeed lugs be added to Homeline load centers?

Yes. For subfeed lug applications up to 125 ampere maximum, use HOML2125.
For subfeed lug applications up to 225 ampere, use HOML2225. The HOML2225 can be applied only in a Square D Homeline convertible mains, single phase load center, Series S01 or S02, RATED 150 AMPERE OR GREATER. Do not exceed the load center mains ampacity rating.
NOTE: DO NOT USE in other manufacturers load centers or panelboards. Please refer to the Installation Bulletin supplied with the device for further restrictions regarding mounting this device or adjacent branch circuit breakers.
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