Before getting in touch with us, please take a moment to read the following. Your query may already be addressed below. For the fastest and most effective response, we recommend using the chat feature to contact us.

1. What is the estimated delivery time for my order?
We offer two types of delivery: 
                         a. For orders above $149, delivery typically takes 4-5 business days, and for orders below $149, it may take 7-9 business days. We only ship orders during business days from Monday to Friday, and orders must be placed by 2:00 PM ET.

                         b. We also offer a same-day PRIORITY order processing service for an extra fee, which does not require a minimum purchase.  However, orders must be placed before 2:00 PM ET during business days from Monday to Friday. Please note that we do not ship orders on weekends or holidays.

2. What's the status of my order and how do I get a tracking number? 
Simple really, please Sign in to your account and click on Orders. We update order information daily. Once your order has been shipped, an automated system will send you a tracking number via email, so it's important to enter a valid email address. You can also find the tracking number information in your order history.

3. How much is the shipping? 
We offer free shipping on orders over $149 within the Contiguous U.S. For orders under $149, a flat rate shipping fee of $14.95 applies. Please note that we do not ship to job sites.

4. Do you offer expedited shipping, Next-Day or Overnight deliveries?  

5. Do you ship to Hawaii, Alaska and the U.S. Territories? 
Yes! For an additional fee, we can ship most products to AK, HI, and U.S. Territories. The shipping cost will be calculated during the checkout process. Please note that some restrictions may apply.

6. Do you ship to Canada, Mexico or any other countries? 
No. We do not currently offer international shipping. We only ship within the USA.

7. WTF! Why does my card keep getting rejected/declined during the checkout process? 
If the billing information entered is incorrect, the order may be rejected by our bank. This includes the cardholder name, CVV code, street address, zip code, and other details. Please contact your bank if you are unsure of your billing address, which is the address where you receive your monthly statements.

8. WTF! Why did you cancel my order?  
As a wholesale distributor of electrical supplies, we cater primarily to tradespeople like electricians and contractors, as well as customers with verified names and addresses in our UPS and USPS databases. Please note that we reserve the right to cancel your order if we cannot confirm your name, shipping address, and phone number. We do not accept made-up names, aliases, or initials. Additionally, we do not ship to job sites. In rare cases, we may have to cancel your order if the item is out of stock.

9. How do I cancel my order? 
To receive immediate assistance, please utilize our live chat feature located on the right side of each page. Our sales team can cancel your order if it has not yet been processed.

10. Where do you ship from? Can I pick up my order? 
We have 10 shipping warehouses throughout the country; NY, PA, ME, IN, CO, GA, NV, TX, FL and NC. Most products ship from our main warehouse located in New York. Currently we don't offer counter pick up or will call orders.

11. I need a quote! Can you email me a quote? 
No! We update our inventory and pricing daily on our website to reflect the latest information. Due to the volatility of manufacturers' availability and pricing, we have decided to discontinue the practice of sending quotes via email. Instead, we offer up-to-date pricing information in real-time on our webstore.

12. Do you offer coupons? 
No. You get everyday low prices. We do not offer coupons.

13. How do I contact you if I have a question, I need to speak to someone NOW! 
Our live chat feature, located on the right side of each page, is the quickest and most efficient way to contact us. It allows us to assist multiple customers at once. If you're not in a hurry, you can also email us with your questions.

14. Can I call in an order? 
No. To ensure banking verification and security, all orders are processed through our secure webstore. For your protection, we do not accept payment information or process orders over the phone.

15. Do you offer NET-30, POs, in-house accounts? 
We are currently working on implementing house accounts on our webstore. In the meantime, we accept all major credit cards.

16Are you from Tennessee? 
Because you are the only 10 I see.

 17. How do I obtain ACDC USA W-9 for business customers?
W-9 form doesn't expire and remains valid indefinitely. You don't need to request new documentation for each order. You can click on the following link to access our W-9.

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