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Since 2001, ACDC USA has been dedicated to earning your trust as a leading wholesale electrical distributor. We pride ourselves on not just our top-quality products at competitive prices, but on a customer service and satisfaction that truly sets us apart. Our mission is to ensure every aspect of our service—from selection to value—is geared towards supporting your needs, allowing you to focus on your customers rather than worrying about your supply chain.

Our inventory boasts over 75,000 items across more than 300 product categories, making ACDC USA your comprehensive source for all electrical supplies. This eliminates the hassle of engaging with multiple vendors, offering you the convenience of obtaining equal or superior quality products directly from us, at prices that keep you competitive.

Privacy is paramount at ACDC USA. We invest in the latest security technologies and encryption to protect your information, ensuring it remains confidential. We guarantee your data will never be shared, aiming to make your online shopping experience secure, efficient, and repeat-worthy.

Based in New York, we are required to apply sales tax on deliveries within the state. For orders outside New York, customers are responsible for managing their state’s sales tax. New York-based customers eligible for tax exemption are encouraged to submit the necessary paperwork with their initial order to secure tax-exempt status on subsequent purchases.

We primarily cater to verifiable businesses and reserve the right to cancel orders if verification of the shipping address and/or phone number proves challenging.

We appreciate your interest in ACDC USA for your wholesale electrical supplies and look forward to serving you.

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