21766 1/2" Non-Metallic Cable Push-In Button Connectors 100-Pack

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  • Romex Connectors Non-Metallic 1/2" Yellow 21766 100-Pack NM94
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1/2" Non-Metallic Romex Cable Connectors - Slot Style - Non-Metallic Slot Style Connectors for fast and easy installation.

They are the lowest cost NM cable connectors on the market, and offer the fastest installation. Simply push the connector into the knockout. That’s it.

1/2" Non-Metallic Cable Connectors - Slot Style features include:

  • Cable Size: 14/2 or 12/2 Romex
  • Fits in 1/2" KO
  • Smaller and easily installed in confined areas
  • No tools required
  • Simple Snap-In installation
  • Easily removed from knockouts and easy removal of NM Cable from conductor
  • Made of non-conductive plastic
  • UL/CSA Listed
  • 100-Pack
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